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Please note that currently, due to the ban, we may not sell any alcohol products.  We apologize for the inconvenience!

Try our new Milkshake flavours

The Nutty Professor - Peanut Butter & Nuts (add chili-choc-coffee Tequila for a Nutty Dom-Pedro)

The Blue Mountain - Blueberries & Biscuits

The Unicorn Fantasy - Roasted coconut, Biscuit & Marshmallows

R50-00 each (only available in 330ml)


Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Castle Free - R33

Heineken Zero / Savanna Lemon - R38

Almost Zero Red & White wine - R95/R39


Virgin Cocktails

Virgin Daiquiri - R54                Strawberry Juice & Homemade lemonade

Virgin Island Ice Tea - R49      Homemade lemonade & Coke

Virgin Mojito - R54                   Mint infused Homemade lemonade

Virgin Pina Colada - R54        Pineapple & Coconut milk

Rock Shandy - R42                 Schweppes Lemonade, soda water & Bitters

Steelworx – R42                      Soda water, Homemade ginger beer, Cola tonic & Bitters