We are humbled by our indigenous abode and have over the years, become more in touch.

We are proud that we recycle about 90% of our refuse, estimating about 8 tons per annum - sorting and delivering ourselves:

    plastic (all grades), glass, tin, paper, cardboard - only the really unrecycable items go to the bin

    we even bring our home garden trimmings to be added to WSNBG mulching and composting programs

No plastic - we use only paper straws and Greenleaf 100% green compressed wetwipe napkins

No polystyrene - we use only cardboard cake boxes for "doggy bags"

Scraps of food is sorted and used as feed

All real food - we do not use artificially enhanced food additives in all of our own processed foods, which is majority of the time:

    we make our own pasta, bread, dressings, sauces, hot lattes, patties, cordon bleaus, bakes, snacks, and too much more to mention!

We are proud supporters of the Black Eagle Project and the ridge conservation efforts

And proud hosts of WWF - World Wildlife Fund - 2 years in a row!