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+ Will the restaurant be offering buffet lunch on Christmas day?

+ If we coming to eat at the restaurant, do we still need to pay the entrance fee?

+ What time does Eagle's Fare open in the morning for breakfast

+ On concert days, do I need to pay the concert price if just wanting to visit the restaurant and gardens?

+ Can we make a reservation?

+ How many can you seat?

+ Hi, can you tell me more about your wedding packages for 2015

+ Do you do catering for events not held at the restaurant?

+ Hi, I am taking a few if my daughter's friends for a birthday outing and she'd like a picnic in the gardens. Do you fo picnic baskets or platters thar one can enjoy in the gardens. The numbers are for about 12 7 year olds and 6 parents. Thx Megan

+ If I want to have a wedding ceremony how much will it cost ?

+ What is the price of your breakfasts?

+ Good Day<br/>I would like to have my son's 2nd birthday at your restaurant - do you do something like that? It will just be a small family get-together. Thanks

+ Do you host baby showers?

+ Venue rates for function

+ Hi. Would like to host a bridal shower on 7th April. So want to know<br/>- if you change for the venue ?<br/>- do you have any packages that you offer for such events? If so can you please email me <br/>- around how much will it cost each person ( main course and dessert)?<br/><br/>Thanks in advance

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